4 Problems Nigeria-based Freelancers Face In The Struggle

Kelechi Udoagwu
6 min readJan 1, 2019
↑ via undraw.co

Added to the normal everyday Lagos and Nigeria problems, the country’s youths who are savvy, willing and with access to the Internet still face other challenges to freelance success.

As the world moves towards a freelance-first economy (usually called the gig or talent economy), learning new skills, being globally connected and contributing high-quality, consistent value in your field are important criteria for long-term success.

But how can our willing educated Nigerian youths contribute their skills to the global gig economy when they are sabotaged daily by the environment that surrounds them?

Basic human needs and resources which should be provided by the government are lacking in every state. Electricity, clean affordable water, human security, good roads and transportation, employment and quality education are just some of it.

I have worked as a freelancer for a while and been able to sustain it because (I admit) I have certain privileges. Things like constant electricity to stay connected to my remote colleagues all over the world, a PayPal account to receive payments from anywhere and a supportive community of writers who are quick to help when one of us faces issues.

All these have helped me earn and maintain financial independence unconventionally in a time when our Nigerian economy is turning to shit, and jobs and opportunities for our brethren are few(er) as our population grows and our government …. I have no words.

Below are some of the problems holding Nigerian freelancers from more success. We hope 2019 brings changes.

Nigerian youths are not lazy and are not seeking handouts. We hope for a government, come 2019, that thinks clearly, works for the good of the people, and pushes the